5 Must Have Accessories for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus


OlloClip for Professional Looking iPHone Photos

All your Instagram Photos and videos will look so professional with Ollo Clip the lens for mobile devices that allows you to attach different sorts of lenses into your iPhone 6/6s from macro to wide angle and even tele-photo. With an easy system to attach it to the back camera of your smartphone, you can make even gorgeous pics and selfies! Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out!


IT Covers, Gorgeous Leather iPhone Wallets with Battery Case Included

This Spanish brand creates gorgeous iPhone wallets from high quality italian leather and they can be worn as little bags, thanks to a removable leather strap. They are 100% hand Made in Spain and have compartments to keep cards, money, coins and keys in one place. You can choose for a iPhone wallet that features a Battery Case so you don't run out of battery never again! This iPhone wallet case will definitely set you apart from the rest.

LEEF iBRIDGE extra Storage for iPhone

What about having a ton of extra storage on you iPhone to be able to carry with you thousand of films, music and pictures? then you will love LEEF Ibridge extra storage for iPhone! Forget about storage limit  and begin to download all the content you like! The Leef iBridge can add up to 256GB of storage to your iPhone or iPad, easy as that!


Apple's 2 meter-long Lightning Cable

We all have been there, you want to charge your iPhone but the lightning cable it's just too short to charge it and still have it near you. This 2 meter long Lightning cable is a must if you, like me, can't live without your phone..even at night!



CABLEYOYO Earbud organizer

The Cableyoyo neatly stores your cables to end the tragedy of keeping the earbuds always well organized. Makes traveling with cables a hassle-free delight due to a Magnetic center keeps earbuds conveniently located at the center of the spindle.





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