September Trends 2014


Autumn is just around the corner. It's time to get the jackets, closed shoes and scarves out the closet. September is one of my favorite months somehow everything begins again in September, it's like a mini new year in the "ecuator" of the year. September gives us a new chance to begin new projects, try new things and explore new hobbies. Summer is gone and after all that sun, sea and fun it's time to get back to business. 

September brings always with it new trends for fashion and beauty and that is what we all have been waiting for! What is the trend this year? Which color is the one that will reign in our closets?  Well, as we all know fashion trends come and go, and this year some of the biggest trends in fashion are: layers, sporty looks to wear in the city, the tartan pattern and the faux fur coats. Many of this trends already have been around for long time and for sure we all have something like that in our closet, so take a close look to it, you may already have some of the hottest items of the season in your wardrobe. 

Every season comes with a pantone color palette that dictate the colors that we will be hot in fashion and beauty.
If I had to pick a colors for this season, it will be the Aurora Red because it is a strong and vivid color that will bright the darkest autumn days.
I have put together a autumn look with a sand color jacket matched with a pair of black shorts to achieve the so called sporty look I mentioned earlier; the tartan pattern scarf will cover us from the cold autumn winds and the wide-brimmed hat will add the touch of glamour.

The ankle boots are perfect for this season, they are not to warm and we can wear them practically with everything from jeans to skirts. Do not forget to carry your phone in our Passionate" phone case in bright red to add the finishing touch to your look!
We are now prepared to welcome this new season: the beginning of shorter days, cozy evenings to stay in and watch the leaves falling off trees!

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