Fashionable Wearable Tech for Woman

The recent announcement of the Apple Watch along with the awaited two new models of iPhone: iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, brings once more the boom of tech wearables to the table. Designers and brands are aware of the huge market that exists regarding wearables for women and in order to reach this group, their products have to be feminine, fashionable, aesthetic and functional. Designers have created pieces that every modern and fashionable woman would like to have and show off! This  is a list of the 6 wearables gadgets that I really would like to wear and rock!

1. Ringly is a beautiful ring that connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth, it vibrates or lights up when you get a notification. You can also customize how you like to receive the notification by changing up the vibration and light patterns.  

2. The MEMI is a fashionable plated bracelet that syncs up with your iPhone so you get notified over an incoming call or message even when your phone is stashed away in your bag. The bracelet is available in gold or silver color.


6. It Covers creates fashionable leather phone wallets to carry your iPhone 4, 5 and 6 in a case that looks like a mini bag that has many compartments to store your money, keys and cards allowing you to easily have your telephone near you all the time and not missing any phone call, e-mail or text never again!

3. Cuff is a modern and fashionable jewelry that provides a new way to receive notifications from your phone. The plus that offers this product is that in case of an emergency, the wearer can use the jewelry's alert button to send a quick message to a friend. 

4. Fit bit and designer Tory Burch have teamed to create a "pimped up" version of its Flex Tracker device. Tory Burch version looks almost like a regular piece of elegant jewelry but don't get confused bi it looks this device counts your steps during the day and it tells you the calories lost in a day. When you sleep, it notices your sleep quality, and you can use it as an alarm as well.

5.The Navigate Jacket by Wearable Experiments : This Jacket pairs up with a hands-free GPS travel app that guides the user to their desire destination without the need for looking at their mobile device or a GPS screen. Using integrated LED lighting and haptic feedback the jacket guides the user anywhere. Stylishly designed with navigate features tailored into the sleeve, the lights indicate how far to the next turn and the current stage of the journey. Vibrations alert the user when to turn and in which direction.

If you happen to know about any other elegant and feminine wearable gadget! Share it with us! :)

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