5 Apps That Will Make Women's Life Easier

As modern women we like to be up to date on everything that is related to health, fitness, fashion and of course...technology!

The way we interact with the world has changed so much that we have immediate information about everything on our fingertips. Google has become our personal oracle and guru, we ask him all sort of different questions and we get an answer for all of them.
On the other hand our mobile phone is our best friend and companion, he knows all about us, keep our secrets and memories. Our phones are a true reflection of ourselves, they are filled out with our favorite moments, photos, songs and apps.

There are apps specially build for us, women, to make our life easier and thus happier.

I choose this 5 apps that can help you in you everyday life:  
iPeriod Ultimate

This app keep track of all related to your menstrual cycle it: you can keep track of your fist and last day of cycle, your moods and symptoms. It marks the exact days while your are ovulating and when are you being fertile. Do not worry about the privacy of your info because all is kept private and in order to log in you will need a password. 

Out of Milk

We all have been there! Just came back from the supermarket and you realize you just forgot that ingredient to cook that delicious pasta! With this genius app this will never happen to you again, is an easy-to-use and intuitive Shopping List, To-Do List and Pantry List app that can be as simple or as detailed as you would like. Out of Milk features a Barcode Scanner, the ability to specify price, quantity, unit, coupons and notes, and many more features. 

Gilt City 

This app currently only works in some cities of the USA. You can find exclusive adventures and offers related to lifestyle at very special prices. There are tons of offers for restaurants, spas, discounts on shops,etc. We cannot wait until it gets to Europe!

It's like Groupon...but cooler!
Nike Training  

We all wanna be fit and gorgeous but sometimes we just do not have enough time to exercise. With the Nike app theres is no more excuse to do so, you can exercise everywhere at anytime . 
There are tons of workouts with step-by-step instructions and videos showing you exactly how to do each move. 
All Recipes Dinner Spinner

Everyday struggle: What am i gonna eat today?  Forget about complicating planning on everyday dinner, with this app you will access 30 million of member shared recipes  to make your life easier and tastier.

Now, go and pack you phone and your are ready to conquer and dominate your World! ☺ 

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