Winter 2015 Gadgets, Tech and fashion: What’s Hot Now?


In the north hemisphere is almost winter time! It’s time to discover what’s new in fashion and lifestyle.

If you would like to know in a nutshell what will be "hot" this winter 2015, take a peek of the following trends in fashion, eyewear, makeup and tech and gadgets!



This year announcement of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was the most awaited tech event. The new models of iPhone sure will be the Gadgets to own in 2015. All the new features that come with the new iOS 8 are pretty cool.

The optical image stabilization gives as a result less blurry pictures even in low light situations.

Apple pay is another big plus added to this new models, making NFC payments a reality! At the moment it only works in the USA, can't wait to have them all over the world!

Interactive notifications means that you can reply there and then to any notification shown on your screen without leaving the app you are in.

Health kit is an integrated app that will help you track your health and have links to doctors and hospitals.



Whether you own a previous iPhone model or a brand new iPhone 6 and 6 plus you need a beautiful case to protect it and carry it with you everywhere you go.

There are many tech accessories in the market but a good option when choosing for an iPhone 6 case is IT Covers, there are fashionable iPhone wallets made by hand in Spain. The italian leather case will protect your iPhone 4, 5 or 6 in style. 

The crossbody iPhone 6 plus case will help you carry your new "baby" in a fashionable way. You can take a look at more models here:




When it comes to fashion the sixties are back in town! Grab your high heel boots and pair them with mini-skirts, trapeze dresses and pastel colors! To cover yourself up from the cold winter nights, the best option is a super trendy fur coat and the more eccentric, the better. This year the rule is to shine!



Forget about the mirror sunglasses that you wore this summer, keep them in your drawer for next summer because this winter the trends in sunglasses are the ones oversized, cat eye shaped, with ombre effect and very unusual and creative models.



There are many options this winter but I will choose the ones that can be wear as an everyday option.

Brows are expressive and natural, forget about super defined brows, this winter is about being sexy "au naturel".

Eyelashes are big and clumped to match the retro sixties look and the lower eyelashes get the same attention as the higher eyelashes.

Lips are covered with berry cherry tones, my fav is Rebel from Mac it gives you that edgy kind of look but still you can wear it during daytime. If you do want to achieve a darker tone for the night you can do it using a darker lipliner like Currant also from Mac and turn it into a vamp style to rock the cold winter nights!



Mini crossbody bags are still in fashion, many of the it bags and classics had their come back in their mini version. The are so cute and cool at the same time, they are practical and light. I love them!

If you don’t own one yet, go a get one right now! It’s a good way to carry your belongings and no more than that.


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