Once Upon a Time: an iPhone 5 and 6 Case with Battery Charger

Real life scenario:

You are on a party and that gorgeous man sent you a whatsapp, you are about to invite him to join you and your friends and then you run out of battery! Oh, noooooo!Typical story!

Our phones are capable of more things and therefore we have apps for everything imaginable but this comes with a price: bigger consume of battery. We must find a way to make our battery last longer, some people charge their phones constantly at work or at home; others carry with them a battery charger all the time but what if you could have a fashionable and practical leather case that has one battery reserve incorporated?!

Let me tell you that it exists and you will fall in love with it the moment you see it!

We are proud to present our brand new leather case for iPhone, you can wear it as mini bag to have your telephone always at hand and near you. You will never miss any phone calls or messages again; it has a battery charger included so you don’t have to worry about running out of battery during the day and It has compartments to safely money, keys and little extras.

We have many different models to fit any iPhone model 5 or 5S.

The leather we use is high quality italian leather and our leather spanish produce our cases with love!

Take a look to all the models you can choose from in this link: http://it-covers.com/collections/with-battery-charger

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