A Life with A Smartphone - Iphone 5 and 6 cases

Modern women are always on the run, juggling our time between family, work and friends.

Our agenda is always full of gatherings, events and appointments.

We can't imagine a life without an smartphone, we feel disconnected if we do not have it around.

This is not weird, since we do tons of things with it: we call , we text , we take pictures, we watch movies, we flirt! ...you name it!

That is why you will adore our new iPhone cases! Our italian leather cases come with a light and efficient battery charger included that will provide you extra battery whenever you are out and about without worrying of bringing you charger with you all the time.

Our design hasn't change  so you can wear your iPhone case as a mini phone bag to carry your iPhone always with you in style.

Don´t miss any call or text again, carry money,cards and keys with you in one place and be the envy of your friends!



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