How to Protect your Smart Phone from Theft or Loss



Mobile devices have become the most important way of communication and therefore we carry them around always, everywhere. We feel almost "naked" if we don't have our smart phone near us; we feel disconnected and If there’s is no WI-FI in the room, there’s is no life!

Sociologists are fascinated about the way this devices have change the ways we interact with each other and how this affect interpersonal relationships. There are tons of theories and researches with interesting and curious facts.

To begin with it, do you have an idea of how many mobile devices are lost in the world every year?

I do, every 3.5 seconds a mobile is lost, that means that nearly 24,500 devices each year gets lost or stolen, summing up the crazy amount of 2.500.000 U.S. dollars!

High peek seasons are Christmas and bank holidays and the time when this is most likely to happen is between 21.00 – 02:00 hrs., mainly in discos, clubs or bars.

The chance of losing your smart phone increases depending on the place where you live: the cities where this is most likely to happen are Manchester, Philadelphia and Amsterdam, where according to researches the population lost their mobiles twice a year.

There are not many tips on how to prevent this to happen, keeping your phone always near you and in a safe place is the best way to avoid this from happening.

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