Rose Quartz: The Pantone Color of 2016

Pantone has released the colors that will rule fashion and beauty for 2016. As we all know there is always a favorite color that dominates the scene and invades our closet, and this year is the turn of Rose Quartz.

As a true girlie girl I really  do like this color and can't wait to buy a jacket and a pair of stilettos in that color!  We always think of pink as the color for girls, and that it's true but we have to lear how to wear it so we don't end up looking a bit childish. The Rose Quartz, to me, is a chic and sophisticated color which combines perfectly with equally light and dark tones and from that on we can create endless combinations of colors.

All accessories from coats, hats, jewelry and of course  mobile cases will use this color, a lot!
I created a little board with various accessories and clothes in Rose Quartz.


We adore this color and that is why we designed a very special iPhone leather case in Rose Quartz and pink gold that will upgrade any of your outfits. The leather used on this case is soft and the color is sublime, you can wear it a little bag.

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